About - Beth Whitney Illustration
Editorial Illustration by Beth Whitney
Editorial Illustration by Beth Whitney
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I’m a New York City based Illustrator who has been drawing and otherwise making things since the day I could grasp a pencil tightly enough to make a mark.
I have a BFA in printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in studio art from Montclair State University. I enjoy conceptually challenging assignments, especially ones that entail finding ways to communicate abstract or complicated ideas.
I’m a contributing artist for NYC’s The Indypendent. My work has been published in a variety of news media including The Wall Street Journal and The Occupied Wall Street Journal. Although I’m partial the editorial world, I’ve also created illustrations for numerous institutions, theatrical productions, and corporate clients.
In addition to my design and illustration work, I’m a practicing fine artist in my other secret life. You can learn more about that here.